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Our camping lanterns offer the best selection of lanterns available for your camping and meeting needs. Stop today and view our Lanterns.
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Our selection of Camping Lanterns is designed to provide a variety of lanterns to suit your camping, party and meeting needs. Some of the camping lanterns are designed to provide sufficient light to cover a large area whether used inside or outside. Others are designed to provide focused light for more specific needs such as reading or studying. Thus, these focused lanterns may be used inside or outside depending upon the specific need. We also have camping lanterns designed to provide strobe lights for emergency use. We also have others that use modern LED technology enabling them to be used for long periods of time without fear of losing the light or power. Some of our camping lanterns are able to function even when submerged in water for a short period of time allowing them to be retrieved should they fall overboard while in a boat or near the shore. Our lanterns have adjustments that allow them to provide 340 lumens with 30 hours of runtime; 175 lumens with 70 hours of runtime or 93 lumens with 295 hours of runtime. We have some that will also deliver "Flash SOS" with 10 lumens of light with 430 hours of runtime as well Night Vision Preserving Mode that extends the run time for Emergency Preparedness. If you need a lantern that provides extended runtime for reading or studying, we also have lanterns that will operate on high transmitting as little as 10 lumens for that purpose as well. Of course, there are other features our camping lanterns offer and these can be viewed as your browse our selections. Why wait, stop in today and take a look at our total selection of lanterns; you won't be disappointed.