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Our camping spotlights offer the best selection of spotlights in keeping with our commitment to you. Stop in today, you won't be disappointed.
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We offer the best selection of camping spotlights for your needs. This includes spotlights for camping, meetings, boating, personal use, emergency use or local police needs. We have lightweight camping spotlights that are handheld and easy to use regardless of your age or gender. Most of the spotlights are also waterproof and with a weight less than 2 lbs. are able to operate, even when submerged at a depth of 2 meters, for a period of 30 minutes. The lighting intensity varies with each of our camping spotlights from high - 115,000-candela peak beam intensity/210 lumens, down to low - 10.000-candela peak beam intensity/20 lumens. The operational runtime will vary with the use; however, just using alkaline batteries, it may reach 8.5 hours. When on low or strobe setting it may last as long as 120 hours. So, just from these points, one can see that we have a great deal of variety among our camping spotlights to meet any and all of your needs.

One of our most popular camping spotlights is the Yellow LED 12V DC Spotlight Waypoint. This unit utilizes Streamlight’s C4 Photonic Crystal technology that produces a brighter, more powerful, blinding light than earlier LED lights. And, this feature almost triples the brightness and creates an intense beam that can be seen up to ¼ mile away. Because of these features, this particular camping spotlight can be used for search and rescue as well as local police work. And, is reported to be a favorite among some NY Police Dept. Officers.

Most of our camping spotlights come with both a 120V AC Charger as well as a 12V DC Charger. And, most of our spotlights also utilize Lithium ion battery technology that allows recharging up to 800 times. In addition to these features, our camping spotlights are made of high impact polycarbonate housing, rubberized lens ring, and cushioned-grip handle. They also include an unbreakable polycarbonate, o-ring sealed lens which offers another layer of protection for our spotlights. We utilize C4 LED technology, shock-proof with 50,000 hour lifetime with our camping spotlights as well.